With obesity in my genetics, I struggled with my weight as a teen. My senior year I made a commitment to lose the weight and keep it off. It was hard and an uphill battle, but I accomplished this through hard work, diet, and exercise.

Since then I have continued to keep the weight off and continue to improve my fitness level because with obesity in my family, the fight is never over.

I decided to study and become a personal trainer to help other people who face the same struggle as I do. I want to help them achieve their goals and motivate them to believe it’s possible. I love working with anyone who is goal driven passionate, and serious about improving their health and fitness. I want to help people live an overall healthy lifestyle.

I know from personal experience that it takes dedication along with nutrition and exercise to achieve this and I love coaching my clients along the journey to achieve their goals.

I am dedicated and determined to help my clients make the lifestyle change necessary to make fitness and health a way of life.